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10 Best Fish Finders For The Money – Top Selections 2018

Imagine you have gotten the best fishing rod, the best bait & lures but still not able to find any fish. It doesn’t make a difference whether you have an Affordable Fish finderamazing rod & reel or you’re in a prime location for fishing if you are not able to find any fish you’re screwed.

That’s why we have taken the responsibility of finding and reviewing some of the top Fish Finders 2018 available right now on the market.

We will highlight the best depth finders GPS Combo available on the market. Depending on the use, you can select a wide range of fishfinders according to their display, transmitting power, frequencies, and GPS. Make sure next time, when you go fishing you have a fish finder to help you out.


How Fish Finder Works?

A fish finder does not have a complicated way of operation. An electrically compelling force from a transmitter is transformed into a sound wave by an underwater device that is used to convert energy from one form to another. This device is known as a hydrophone. Reflection of the wave is made when the wave strikes either a fish or debris and the reflected wave produces the size, composition, and shape of whatever it comes in contact with. The exact extent of what is obtained is dependent on the frequency and strength of the compelling force that is transmitted. To locate the precise position of fishes in the water, a fish finder has a high level of sensitivity of temperature and pressure. Modern fish finders have trackback that is capable of checking and changing movements with the aim of changing position while fishing. Better details are produced on the screen when the fish finder frequency is high. Commercial fishing involves the use of low frequency while modern fishfinders make use of high rates to view results.


Several types of the fish finder that are used both for sporting and commercial purposes. They are rated according to their uses and the amount of frequency produced.

Fishing Rods Name GPS Display Weight
Germin Striker 4 GPS Yes 3.6 x5.9 x 1.6 inches 4.9 KG Check Price
Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro Yes  13.8 x 13.8 x 13.8 inches  3.97 Pound Check Price
Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar No 3.8 x 1.9 x6.5 inches 2 Pound Check Price
Humminbird HELIX 5  Yes 5 inch  10.1 Pound Check Price
Lowrance Hook-7 Base Sonar Yes 10.9 x 8.1 x 9.2 inches 5.79 pounds Check Price
Humminbird Helix 7 Yes 1.1 x 10.5 x 5.8 inches 10.4 pounds Check Price
Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ Yes Phone/Tablet 3.52 ounces Check Price
Hawk-Eye DT1B DepthTrax 1B N/A 6 x 4 x 2 inches 2.01 pounds Check Price
Lowrance Elite-7 Ti No  11 x 8 x 9 inches  7.4 Pound Check Price
Garmin Striker 7SV Yes 9.3 x 2.3 x 5.5 inches 1.7 pounds Check Price

1. Germin Striker 4 GPS – Best Fish Finder Under $100

With Germin striker 4 GPS, searching for fishes is much more comfortable. It provides clear scaling graphics without any interruption in the image while transferring between depth range scales. It affords the user the opportunity to rewind through the previous sonar images to select waypoints that were initially passed through the sonar history rewind.

Additionally, it can make visible the speed data as a result of a built-in flasher it has and also, the Germin striker is made up of a CHIRP that produces a frequency of 200 kHz from a transducer device with a transom and motor trolling hardware and cable. It is the best fish finder for your money, and it is the best affordable fish finder.


The Germin Striker is designed to help the user mark his or her favorite fishing point which makes it easier to come back to that spot again thereby saving the user time and money, making it a cheap fish finder.

The Germin Striker has a highly sensitive GPS which enables the user to see his or her position and finding his way back to the boat. This feature makes it one of the best GPS fish finder. It also enables the user to see his speed on the screen of the fish finder thereby helping the user to know that he is on the right pace.

Rather than sending a single frequency, CHIRP sends a continuous set of frequencies both high and low and explains them individually on their return. Hence as the technology provides a wide range of frequencies, it can generate a full target separation.

The Germin CHIRP technology helps in delivering clear sonar images with high resolution from shallow to deep depths which makes it a depth fish finder.


Clear scanning sonar – this best sonar fish finder helps in showing the user what is in the water and around the boat. As a result of its high-frequency sonar, it produces a closer photographic image with an explicit representation of things such as fishes, structures, and objects beneath the water.

Simple power- this fish finder has several buttons and critical interface. It is easy to install and with various sizes of 5-7 inches.

Waypoint Map- the fish finder has a waypoint map that assists the user to view, mark and move to areas like brush piles, stumps, and docks. For freshwater, its maximum depth is 1600 feet, and in salt water, it has a thickness of 750 feet and produces a current of 12V: 0.23A

CHIRP SONAR- this feature helps to create a continuous frequency which presents a wide range of data.

BUILT-IN FLASHER – this feature helps make this fish finder ideal for ice fishing.

Pros Cons
  • It has a 3.5-inch color screen
  • It has an inbuilt GPS
  • It is a CHIRP fishfinder
  • The panel is easy to control
  • Its speedometer appears on the screen
  • It goes a maximum depth of 1600ft on fresh water
  • Have thickness of 750ft on salt water
  • Unexpectedly, the unit may go off
  • On open water, the GPS location may be unstable

2. RayMarine Dragonfly 7 Pro –  Best Fish Finder Under $600

Raymarine Dragonfly is a higher fishing device and is among the best fish finder 2018. It is made with a high technology such as full spectrum CHIRP Down-vision. This fish finder helps the user to use a reasonable amount of time during fishing and a reduced time searching for fishes.

This cheap fish finder comes with Navonics charts that spread across the coasts of US, Canada and also an increasing number of lakes. An energy conversion device is also attached to it. This fish finder device can help the user have beautiful and bright images.


Wide CHIRP vision: The Dragonfly vision surpasses ordinary sonar images with a high deep water performance of about 600ft and an enormous speed tracking.

Dual-Channel CHIRP Sonar: The Raymarine Dragonfly has a dual sonar channel which makes it easier to target fishes.

CPT-DVS Transom Mount energy conversion device: This fish finder can integrate its CPT-DVS transom energy conversion device with a wide range of beam DownVision element which results in a high level of subsurface visibility. These are found in all Dragonfly pro models

US and Canada Navonics Charts: This fish finder covers all the coast of US, Canada, and over 20,000 lakes.

Connect and Share Wirelessly: Unlike some fish finders, the Dragonfly fish finder has a WiFi software which makes it possible for the fish finder to be streamed from either a smartphone or tablet. Thus the images captured can be rewind and shared with friends online from the palm of the user.

Flexibility: This fish finder is designed with a ball and socket system which makes mounting and installing the Dragonfly fish finder very easy and flexible.

Wi-Fish app: This fish finder has a Wi-Fish app which produces a higher waypoint movement and mapping using smartphones and tablets. Hence the user’s mobile device can serve as a virtual periscope to find the waypoints and the best fishing point.


CHIRP technology: The Dragonfly has an extensive spectrum CHIRP Technology that enables the transmission of the signal into the water and allowing the fish finder to interpret the target of more fishes and producing an image that is crystal clear. Dragonfly has an inbuilt GPS that comes with avionics for charts and has a waterproof standard.The Dragonfly also has an inbuilt WiFi that enables the streaming of Dragonfly 7 with the help of smartphones and tablet with the RaymarineWiFish app.

Bright display colors: The Dragonfly fish finder has an optical bonding of LCD technology that is effective in all weather and can produce very bright colors and sharper contrast.

Pros Cons
  • Its screen is bright and clear.
  • Its mount can be removed
  • It is compatible with smartphones
  • It has a long cable
  • Its screen is polarized

3. Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar – Best Budget Fish Finder

Even under intense sunlight, the HOOK 3k can display color and a sounder that makes it very easy to notice fish targets, contour, structure, bottom hardness, etc. as a result of its LED-backlit color.

This beautiful technology produces a double frequency which is 83 kHz and 200 kHz which helps to maximize the view below the user’s boat. The 83 kHz frequency covers about 60 degrees of conical coverage which is proper for capturing larger fishes and search area, while the 200 kHz frequency covers about 20 degrees of conical coverage which promotes fishing separation and this is proper for vertical drop shooting techniques.

The energy conversion device that has a water temperature sensor can keep track of the bottom up to 75mph. Unlike other fish finders that use fish arches to identify fish targets, the HOOK 3X has a display fish icon known as fish I.D.

The advanced signal processing helps to minimize the need to manually set the settings to catch sight of fish, structure and bottom details very clearly while the pages button enables the user to change between 83 kHz to 200 kHz swiftly.


The LED backlit is 3 inch, and it has a 320 × 240 full resolution that makes it easy for the image display to be seen even under intense sunlight. The sounder makes it easy to identify things such as fish targets, structure, etc. The HOOK 3X has a signal processor that helps to minimize the act of adjusting its settings to see either fishes, structure or bottom details manually.

This beautiful fish finder has a double frequency operation that helps to maximize the view below the boat of the user.

Pros Cons
  •     It is durable.
    • It has a 9-inch touchscreen.
    • Its menu is easy to navigate.
    • It has a high color.
    • Its bracket is adjustable
  • It is costly.
  • Its buttons may not respond at certain times.
  • Its transducer cord is short.

4. Humminbird HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 – Best Fish Finder Under $300

The Helix 5 is one of the best hummingbird fish finders under 300. For over four decades, this fish finder has been America’s top-rated fish finders and their favorite.

This fantastic fish finder has a hummingbird switch-fire which helps to put the user in total control of how their sonar returns would appear. This innovation has a two display mode that makes it truly unique. This two-mode makes it possible for the user to adjust his fishing condition. These modes include addition or removal of details, accounting for water depth, temperature and agitated which are all operated by a button.

The HELIX 5, like other Hummingbird fish finders, has a Precise GPS which provides position accurately within 2.5 meters in a jiffy. This beautiful technology has an integrated screen and frame which makes the playing field more level thereby producing one continuous surface which is surrounded by an ultra slim panel to reduce space.

The Helix 5 has an ultra-bright LCD which is quite impressive and delivering a high clear picture even during intense sunlight.

This amazing technology has an enhanced base-map to produce more suitable and beautiful fishing experience. The inbuilt GPS will assist the user by producing accurate maps showing contours, movement aids around the coastline of US, and more than 10,000 lakes which give the total user confidence during navigation.

Due to its inbuilt GPS, the HELIX 5 provides the user with a detailed map of his or her favorite fishing areas. The HELIX 5 is the best cheap fish finder under 300 because there are no added fees and there is no need for the user to upload any information for the world to see. It also provides an eight hour recording time.


It has a 5-inch WVGA display. The HELIX 5 has a dual beam sonar frequency.

The HELIX 5 has an internal GPS chart that is precise and has cartography

It has a micro memory card slot for saving waypoints and maps

Pros Cons
  • It has a color screen display which enables the user to see details sharply.
  • It has an internal GPS.
  • It has a memory card slot.
  • The GPS does not have unique features.
  • The display on the screen is plain.

5. Lowrance Hook-7 Base Sonar/GPS –  Fishfinder Under $400 

This masterpiece has a high resolution and a 7-inch color display. This amazing technology has a highly inbuilt GPS antenna, and an excellent map of US, and inclusive in the map is over 3000 lakes, rivers and coastal contours of about 1000ft.

The hook-7 also has an advanced signal processing which limits the use of manual to adjust settings to view fishes, structure, and it can rewind recorded sonar history such as fish targets and can pinpoint these locations. This amazing technology has a Navionic maps.


It has a high resolution and a 7-inch color display. It has a CHIRP sonar plus down-scan which is the leading fish finder technology which produces the best view beneath a boat. This technology has a highly accurate inbuilt GPS antenna and a detailed map of US.

Pros Cons
  • It has a 7-inch screen.
  • It has a 3D transducer scan.
  • It has a pre-installed cartographic chart
  • It is weather resistant.
  • Its map is restricted to America.

6. Humminbird Helix 7 Chirp SI/GPS G2Combo 

Over the years, Humminbird has been the most preferred fish finder in America because this lovely fish finder has given both recreational and commercial fishing, a difference. And this has become its norm. This brilliant innovation has been built in two modes to enable the user to add or remove information. This information includes the depth of water, the temperature of the water and the disturbance or turbulence of the water. It has made the user be in absolute control of how the information appears. The Humminbird helix 7 just like other Humminbird Fishfinders has a very powerful and precise GPS that gives high-speed position accurately around 2.5m.

The HELIX 7 can display what is beneath the water crystal clear as a result of its ultra-bright LCD, and it provides a very high clarity even when the sunlight is very bright. This amazing technology has an enhanced base-map to produce a more appropriate and beautiful fishing experience. The inbuilt GPS assists the user by producing accurate maps showing contours, movement aids around the coastline of US, and more than 10,000 lakes which give the total user confidence during navigation.

The HELIX 7 is built with G2 GPS which help the user to produce the map of his favorite spot for fishing, and this includes deep contour, vegetation, etc. The beauty of it all is that this program is without charge, meaning that it is free since there are open eight hours of recording all events.


This brilliant innovation is durable and light because it is made of a very light material known as polycarbonate. Helix 7 is built with scratch resistant materials. It has a very lightweight.

Pros Cons
  • It can go a depth of 600ft
  • It gives a complete and precise picture of the deep
  • It has an inbuilt GPS and can store up to 50 customized routes
  • Its CHIRP transducer is purchased separately.
  • Its memory card is sold separately.
  • To get a map, the user would have to buy a software package..

7. Portable Deeper Smart Sonar With GPS & Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder For Shores

The Deeper smart is a fish finder that connects wirelessly. This amazing technology can float on water while it sends complete information from the bottom of the sea to the smartphone or tablet. This device can capture anything in water such as depth, structure, temperature, fish habitat and other vital data that are important for productive fishing.

This fantastic device is wireless and makes use of Bluetooth connection which can connect a distance of 130ft. It can also be used for canal fishing and fishing in ice which is a short distance.


As was mentioned earlier, the Deeper smart sonar is wireless and can be operated using a phone. It is done by downloading the Deeper App. When the pairing of the two devices occurs, the deeper smart sonar produces an accurate standard of sub-water sonar device. Operating the Deeper smart sonar utilizes either a smartphone or tablet can be done in an online or offline mode. For the app to work effectively, the app should on a regular base be updated or renewed.

It is noteworthy to know that Wi-Fi connection and mobile data for operating this device is not necessary because the Deeper smart sonar is designed with a Bluetooth software that can connect with smartphone or tablet. For fishes location, the Deeper smart sonar can function flawlessly in depths of 1.5ft to 130ft beneath the water. This amazing device has a temperature sensor which gives the accurate measurement of water temperature.

The Deeper smart produces a dual frequency which provides double coverage of an area. For better accuracy, the Deeper smart delivers 290 kHz (15°), and when carrying out a more extensive search of an area, it produces 90 kHz (55°). This beautiful device is small to fit into a tackle box, and it has a soft synthetic rubber that makes it safe to carry it on a belt. This device fits into every rods and line. Its weight is perfect with its size. It suits all types of fishing. The various types of fishing and what role Deeper smart sonar plays in making them productive.

Shore Fishing

While fishing along the shore, Deeper smart sonar adds value to the users fishing gear. It is also simple to make use of while fishing. Just attach the device to a fishing rope, put it into the water and pull it out towards yourself at a slow pace but steady rate. When the Deeper smart sonar meets anything, it displays it. This amazing device can also access complete fish information when fishing onshore.

Boat Fishing

Since the Deeper smart sonar works with smartphones and tablets while fishing with a boat, the mobile device should be connected to the system and can be taken anywhere with the boat. The fish finder should be fastened to the user’s boat employing a flexible arm mount.

Pros Cons
  • It can be operated by a phone.
  • It has Bluetooth software.
  • It can give the water temperature.
  • It produces a high frequency.
  • It can scan only a  depth of 130ft

8. Hawk-Eye DT1B DepthTrax 1B (Only Depth Finder)

The Hawkeye is a high-speed device that has the equipment that converts energy and can be mounted. It is a well-designed depth finder that fits into any body of water in the world. This device assists the user not overlook the depth alarm. Hawkeye has three advanced warning system. This device is the best depth finder.

This fantastic technology comes in both black and white faceplates. The depth of the water it doesn’t matter, the Hawkeye depth finder is an excellent addition to the user’s boat and brings to sight what the user wants.

To make it my easy and fast to find depth, the Hawkeye has a smooth touch interface and a marine plug with a play connector. All of this helps the user to have an accurate depth reading either in meters or feet. For the user to identify his or her text, this fantastic device had a glare-free display and backlit that helps a user see his interpretation even when the sunlight is bright. This depth finder is easy to operate and install because it has an operational manual and a 24-hour online tech support center. More importantly, it has a two years warranty to cover up for damages.

This technology is truly unique because it can decipher the various signals coming from the reading of the bottom contour, location of fishes, and other essential sonar data with an arrangement of their individual transducers which helps in giving an accurate and precise depth reading with a high speed of 60 mph, irrespective of the depth with a depth finder review.


It has a combination of Transom Mount and Glue-In-Hull Transducer. The Hawkeye produces a precise and accurate depth reading both in meters and feet at a speed of 63 miles per hour. The Hawkeye has an advanced three-stage depth alarm warning system, and this helps for vessel draft. It has a waterproof face, and it is a soft touch with a digital algorithm programming.

This amazing device comes with a two-year warranty.

Pros Cons
  • It helps for vessel draft
  • It has a waterproof face
  • It has a two years warranty
  • It does not have a Bluetooth software

9. Lowrance Elite-7 Ti-Touch Combo

The increase in technology has led to the production of touchscreen devices. The Lowrance 000-12721-000 Elite-7Ti fish finder is one of this device that has a touchscreen that works in high-end functions and features with excellent performance. It is the best affordable fish finder.

It has a 7 inch, high resolution and touchscreen display which helps cover all the sonar needs of the user. This amazing device can support either a high, medium or low CHIRP and can produce frequencies that are up to 83 to 800 kHz.The Elite 7 has an inbuilt GPS and a reliable Lowrance navigating tech which helps the user to move with ease. Wirelessly, this masterpiece technology connects with Bluetooth and other wireless connection that allows one to update and download software but beautifully, it allows the user to download insight Genesis maps for quick use directly from the boat or water.


High resolution of a 12-inch, LED-backlit color display. This technology has a trackback which allows the user to scroll back through the history to have a review of structures and fish targets and helps the user to mark favorite locations. The Elite 7 has an inbuilt wireless connector that helps the user to purchase and download Maps that would be used immediately.

The NMEA 2000 network connection helps for waypoint sharing and engaging data interface. It also has a GPS integration. It has a GPS fish finder review.

Pros Cons
  • Its screen has a high resolution.
  • It has a trackback
  • It has a wireless connector
  • It has an inbuilt GPS
  • It does not have a memory card slot

10. Garmin Striker 7SV With a Transducer

The Germin striker 7SV has been designed to making the search of fishes and other data beneath the water to be secure by providing crystal clear graphics that cannot be interrupted. It has a GPS fish finder review, and this gives the user the privilege of going back through the previous images to select waypoints that have been passed. Mention worthy is the fact that this technology can display speed information because it has an inbuilt flasher. It also has a CHIRP that generates a frequency of 200 kHz from a transducer device that has a motor trolling cable. It is one of the best fish finders.


This technology is built to assist the user in marking his or her most lovely fishing site which makes it much easier for the user to come back to that same point next time, invariably saving both money and time for the user. The GPS of this beautiful innovation is fantastic. Imagine seeing your position while fishing and tracing your way back. Nothing is more refreshing than Germin Striker. It also gives the user the privilege of seeing his speed on a screen thereby helping him to know if he is on the right pace.

It can send more than one frequency which can either be high or low and reads them differently as they return. It shows that technology can produce several frequencies and generate a wide range of the target. Due to CHIRP technology, the Germin can provide a clear sonar picture with high resolution which makes it a depth fish finder.


As a result of the sonar software, it produces the images of things seen around the boat. It generates a closer photo image with an explicit representation of items and objects found beneath the water. It is designed with several buttons and keys. It is easy to install and operate.

To help the user have a clear view, mark and move through areas that have hazards such as stumps and docks, this fish finder is built with a waypoint map. It can go a depth of 1600ft in fresh water and a thickness of 750ft in salt water. This masterpiece technology generates a current of 12V. It can produce multiple frequencies and a wide range of information. As a result of its inbuilt flasher, the striker 7SV is best for ice fishing.

Pros Cons
  • It has an inbuilt CHIRP transducer
  • Its GPS system has a high quality.
  • It has an excellent range of navigational structure which includes speed and waypoint map.
  • It does not have a touchscreen, but instead, it has buttons.
  • It does not have a memory card slot.

What is Fish Finder? 

A fish finder is an equipment used to find the location of fishes beneath the water by discovering reflected pulses of sound strength. A typical fish finder shows measurement of sounds that are reflected graphically thereby allowing an operator to understand the information on locating underwater debris and fish schools. The fish finder equipment is used both in sporting and commercial activities. Modern fish finder can be linked with marine radar compasses and global positioning system (GPS) as a result of advanced technology.

The word fish finder is derived from the phrase Fathometer, and a Fathometer is a device or equipment that is used to measure the depth of a water body. This equipment can display the water depth and can also keep a record of measurements automatically. Hence, since both the fathometer and fish finder work similarly, both were merged.

Buyer’s Guide

Fishfinders vary in design and makeup. To make the best decision when looking for a fish finder, the following factors should be taken to heart. These factors are discussed extensively below.

2018 Guide to Choosing the Best Fish Finder Under Budget: 

  • Transducers: It is the part of a fish finder that releases and receives sonar signals from beneath the water. Each type of fishing requires a sensor, and the transducer for various fish finders differs in signal strength. When fishing in a sea, a fisher would need a transducer that sends a signal to very great depth while if a fisherman is catching in a river or smaller body of water, he would require a sensor that transmits sound wave to a wider angle.A purchaser should also give attention to the amount of frequency a transducer operates on. A transducer can be installed on a transom or the trolling motor depending in the boat. Although, portable transducer does not require mounting.
  • Cone Angle : The cone angle has to do with the range or depth a signal can get when deployed. The truth is the deeper the water, the wider the cone angle would get beneath the boat. A cone angle can range from fifteen to twenty degrees while some other cone angles can reach as full as sixty degrees. Most fishers usually use fish finder that has more than one cone which helps them cover large angles while remaining at a spot.
  • Frequency : When a fish finder produces a high frequency, there would be more information transmitted to the user’s screen. High frequencies produce better results in waters that are not deep, but fishers that are into commercial fishing makes use of low-frequency fish finders. A lot of fish finders have more than one frequency, and frequencies of 50 to 200 kHz are most common.
  • Display Screen: Newly produced Fishfinders make use of color screens which has a better advantage to the traditional black and white screen because it provides clear pictures. Colored screen fish finders are affordable because they are becoming the norm and are replacing the black and white screen fish finders. The screen resolution should also be taken into account. Screens that are large makes it easier to point out the exact location of areas and structures. The lowest recommended screen resolution should be 240 by 160 but to enjoy the reading on the screen, a person can decide to take it much higher.
  •  Power: For a sonar to operate effectively, the power must be high. A fish finder’s strength is measured in wattage, therefore the higher the wattage, the faster the relaying of results to the user. Generally, a fish finder can display readings that are up to 400ft per 100 watts at a frequency of 50 kHz. If working at a rate of 200 kHz, a person can be able to count on readings of a distance of 100ft for every 100 watts of power. Thus it is advisable to consider the wattage of a fish finder rather than the range based on frequency.
  • GPS Capability: For a fish finder to be regarded as the best, it must have GPS capabilities. It would not be wise to purchase equipment separately for navigation when a purchase can be made for stuff that has both fish finding and navigation together. Fishfinders with GPS help the user to save spots that are of interest to him or areas that have submerged factors.
  • Scanning: There is two ways a fish finders scan. Either down or side. The fish finder that does down-scanning are more powerful and useful, but they can miss things not passing directly beneath the user boat. The side-scanning fish finders can scan a significant amount of water but are not effective in deep water. So when purchasing a fish finder, consideration should be given to an area of concentration. So it is advisable to make use of or buy multiple fish finders.
  •  Portability: Due to certain conditions or situations, a portable fish finder is preferable. In recent time, this type of Fishfinder has become much popular. If fishing is done on a small boat, it is good to make use of portable fish finders. Using the portable fish finder is simpler. It is used by casting the transducer into the water, and the result would become visible on the users’ mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. If fishing is done on a lake or pond, portable fish finder works better there but fishing in an ocean or a very vast body of water, it is advisable to stick with the traditional fish finders.
  • Design & Durability: Most people give negligence to the build and design of a fish finder. But the shape and the way the buttons are placed is essential. A durable fish finder should be rated as waterproof or water resistant. Since salt is a very corrosive element, if a person would be fishing in saltwater, then Fishfinders that are built to prevent corrosion should be used.
  • Price: Although it is not advisable to buy anything just on the price alone, attention should also be given to the price tag. If a fish finder has all the needed and necessary features, then it should be more expensive than an entry-level model of a fish finder. Also, it is of no use to empty a wallet if only one requirement is needed for a fish finder to be purchased. Therefore, a buyer should buy what he or she needs because in most cases, those extra features found in a fish finder can be very complicated and frustrating. Always compare prices by visiting different outdoor suppliers and make comparisons by going online also. If a lower cost of a fish finder has been seen, then it is right for the person buying it to check if it is the right model and the same warranty.